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 I never really thought I'd get the opportunity to work on large victorian wigs, but that day finally came. These woolly beauties were made alongside Nicole Licht, and thanks to her masterful experimentation, we now know that construction hats, newsprint and quilting foam make the perfect padding for big hair. Watch the top-heavy action  here .
 Randy's a natural! Behind the scenes of Etsy's sixth Instagram video—Unwrap your Wanderlust. Watch the full video  here .
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 Jing Wei and Mohawk the cat make their acting debut alongside eternal eggs and bacon. Watch the full video  here .
 Playing with some paper props for an upcoming social media video on Etsy's Instagram. 
 Daily reminders. 
 Behind the scenes shot of the fourth Etsy video—Unwrap your new best friend. Side note, those chains also made a great halloween costume. See the cuteness in action  here .   
 Behind the scenes shot of the first Etsy video—Unwrap your fuzzy feelings. Those surprisingly obedient bunnies definitely stole the show, and were probably the most ridiculous thing I witnessed during this whole video process. See them in action  here .
 Behind the scenes shot of the second Etsy video—Unwrap your family traditions! So much love for all the people in this video, especially Twiggy, our in-house reindeer. Full family fun  here .
 Lettering celebrating Etsy's newest B-Corp score—105!
 My entry for the upcoming issue of Etzine.
 Layered paper execution for Craft Party.
 Embroidered type to kick off this year's Craft Party at Etsy. The theme for 2013 is Recapture: bring new meaning to your photographs. Most notable of the diys—embroidering on your old photos. 
 Standing in front of our completed floral mural for Etsy's One of a Kind Christmas pavillion in Chicago. Excited to see what happens when we give everyone paint markers to color in the lines. 
 Just a bit of this year's holiday party invite for Etsy. 
 4 hours, 2 beers and 1 stick of chalk later, I've finally wrapped up this mural in Etsy's headquarter office. Hope this makes the kitchen a little bit brighter. 
 Close up of watercolor lettering for Etsy's Spring/Summer lookbook. Languages included are French, Italian, Spanish and German. 
 Positive and negative sketches as I plan out Etsy's upcoming chalk mural. 
 Process shot in the creation of Etsy Holiday 2013. 
 Lettering for a couple of heavy metal internal t-shirts. 
 One of three completed panels waiting to be photographed for Etsy's 2013 holiday campaign. Fun fact, pom poms make a very good sand smoother. 
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 Shiny experiments.
 Bootcamp patches for Etsy engineers are finally in!
 And now my desk matches my facebook. 
 New York brush lettering drawn at Ken Barbour's script lettering class at Cooper Union. 
 What better way to break in our new office space at Etsy than with a studio-warming party, complete with crudités spelling out "Welcome" for all of our guests.
 Getting rid of some old work. 
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