Fancy lunch lettering for Vox Media!
 A little type sample created for Chelley Co
 Artwork for a mural in Toronto.
 Definitely something new for me, but I'm getting into this textural type! Now all I want to do is build a full-scale model out of real feathers...
 Fun exercise in shaded typography from Alex Trochut's class at Cooper—Letter Puzzles. 
 Peek at printed version of these floral zodiac cards created in collaboration with Chelley Co! Foils represent the 4 elements, and each version is illustrated with the flower corresponding to that month.  Added bonus, I now have a simpler way to know what flowers to get someone on their birthday...  Snag 'em while they're hot!
 Sexy goals for 2016
 This weekend I had the pleasure of attending Alex Trochut's "Letter Puzzles" class at Cooper! While everyone had completely different results with their type experiments, here's a detail of a little something I learned—FEATHER TYPE
 Detail shot of camouflaged cool blues for my final quote of the week on AIGA Design! "Be a keen observer of the ordinary" - Vincent Contorno. View the full project  here .
 A wonky, warped still life for Day 4 - "Art is anything you can get away with" - Andy Warhol
 Cake eaten with the help of good people for Day 3 - "People matter most" - Randy J. Hunt.
 A personal mantra for Day 2 - "One of the best protections against disappointment is to have a lot going on" - Alain de Botton
 Process shot of a gold-star-infused quote for Day 1 on AIGA Design! "Everybody is trying" - Amanda Jasnowski. View the full project  here .
 Taking a final look at my zodiac card line with Chelley Co! So excited to get these foiled beauties to print. 
 Weekend projections...
 Spent the weekend playing with color. 
 Little gif for Etsy to celebrate Mother's Day in the UK. Yay moms!
 Some shifty lettering for your Friday night.
 A little brushwork practice just in time for mercury retrograde. 
 Behind the scenes of Etsy's 10 year anniversary! Photography by Erik Valind
 Holidays have me feeling...
 Gold-foiled love bombs sent to Etsy sellers for the new year. Complete with a handwritten thank you card from Etsy admin and a postcard to pay it forward. 
 I've been weaving away this holiday season. More updates in my Etsy shop soon!
 Behind the scenes of Etsy's 10th birthday celebration! Imagery photographed by Erik Valind. 
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