Close ups part 3
 Repurposed some project leftovers to brighten my winter walls.
 A sweet end to a crazy week.
 Close ups part 2
 Close ups for a new project in the works...
 Before and after—hand painted leaves for Time Out
 Process shot of fall vibes for Time Out NY.
 Turning trash into treasure lately with an edition of hand painted plastic bags—the first item available in my newly minted ONLINE SHOP. Click shop above ^ :)
 Moodboard :)
 Beach day 2016 🍑
 New project in the works with Nicole Licht!
 Trying to remember that when hearts are broken you get to see what's inside. #lovewins
 Memorial Day special
 Process Peeks...
 Fresh Ds hot out the oven.
 Deriving an uncomfortable amount of joy from this P. 
  I would personally rather live at a moderate pace and die old, but to each his own—little lettering sample created to celebrate a song release by two great people making great music: Stolar & Sun Ascendant. 
 Pattern Play!
  A few of the good things in life for @chelley_co
 I am seldom afforded the luxury of taking my time, but as it turns out, the more time I take to try new things, the more ways I discover to start over...or decide not to?  Anyway, whatever I'm making two of these now. 
  Made this for a personal project only to discover it was going in the wrong direction for what I need. Off to the archives it goes. Onto something bigger and badder....
  Negatives of a book cover in the works...
  It's fun when props smell this nice—product photography for Kypris. 
 Finally getting around to posting an old project for Pepsi, art directed by Chandelier Creative. The goal was to create and loose and liquified tagline that could work in many different sizes and colors. While I'm only showing  some  of the final sketches and vectorization, we went through many iterations exploring shape, thickness, movement and overall does-this-look-like-it-could-be-made-of-goo-ness.   Sadly the project was killed, but I loved spending so much time analyzing the letterforms and trying to (literally) flow throughout the process. 
  The finished tote for the Macy's x Etsy partnership!
  My last (official) project at Etsy! Lettering for the Etsy + Macy's partnership coming soon...
 Long live Sundays.   I've been drawing a lot of these little ladies lately, enough so that I started a tumblr— Alive and Feeling Things . Check it out and follow along for more babes, bangs, and all the feels. 
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